Legends of Powerheart: Part I

by Hrom

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The story follows a heroic warrior known as Powerheart. He leads a band of warriors known as the Fighting Force (Queen of Steel EP 2012) who protect their kingdom. After years of crafting his skills in battle and defending alongside the Force, he finds out that the kingdom he had dedicated his life to had been a totally corrupt government all along. This triggers a massive depression that prompts him to search for an everlasting escape from the world he lives in...


released April 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Hrom Calgary, Alberta

Started in 2008 when Jan Loncik recorded all the instruments and vocals to the album Blesk, at his own studio 'Richobo Studios.'

He got together a live lineup in early 2009 and since then have been playing, writing and recording together.

Jan Loncik
- Lead Vocals
- Lead Guitar

Matt Ries
- Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Alex Langill
- Lead and Rhythm Guitar
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Track Name: Powerheart
He, he's bearing the marks of war.
He is the leader of the fighting force.
And when the walls crash down,
Time is running, out they're hunting,
There's only one way, they'll taste the blade of
Powerheart! The only way that it can be,
Powerheart! The only that I can see,
Spell casters bring over death and decay,
Unholy visions of darkness; a deadly array,
Solo Langill
This fighting force will not stand, for destruction to their land,
With falchion in his hands, all shall fear one man,
Powerheart! The only way we can be free,
Powerheart! The only that it can be,
Solo Ries
Track Name: Citadel of Heroes
In the shadows of the keep the force storms through gates of hell,
Minions of death summoning specters of evil,
Their spells and their magic tricks up their sleeves,
They still have no chance against the wise force of steel,
They will never leave their cLAN,
Never abandoning their LANd,
The Citadel, of our heroes, the citadel, home of the true,
The Citadel, brings us together, none shall break through,
The Citadel, of our heroes, the citadel, light of the future,
The Citadel, spirits and silver, fight for what's right,
Fight for what’s true/the truth,
It's a sworn brotherhood they fight with absolute might,
Battles and celebrations of glory,
The kingdom is safe and they are ones to thank,
For ridding the LANd of traitors and evil,
Solo Ries, Langill
Over the years some were lost and some were saved,
And still their memories live on,
Home of the Man who bears the mark and of the Fighting Force,
These walls have only seen victory,
Track Name: Hellhound
In this hour of doom you fight for your life,
And yet it seems in front of your eyes something's not quite right,
Victory is achieved yet feeling so thieved,
These thoughts refuse to leave your mind,
Corruption they disguise,
Looking backwards, at your master, you must now, ask yourself this,
Hellhound, hellhound, are you fighting for what’s right?
Hellhound, hellhound, will you leave or will you stand and fight?
Like a hound you must obey, never question what they say,
Loyal until death is what you must remain,
Honor is what they preach; betrayal is what they teach,
Valiant words spoken through the most evil breath,
Solo Ries, Langill
Track Name: Virtues Decay
I have to escape; I cannot find a way,
Is this the start of my virtue's decay?
I remember when time wasn’t so grey,
And now I have found myself in this dismay,
Solo Ries
Centuries of war and pain,
And now all these battles were fought in vain,
Now it seems all the world is mundane,
There is no use fighting this reign,
Solo Ries
Dawn skies were once a beauty that I would live for,
Not even the mountains are majestic anymore,
Blind to paradise, from a scene of tragedy,
Tears are flowing now it seems for eternity,
Find, the visions that I see, when in fantasy, make them reality,
Corridors of obscurity are now closing in,
I want to drift away along galactic wind,
All my power is drained from me trying to stay sane,
But now it feels as if nothing else remains,
Find, the visions that I see, when in fantasy, make them reality,
Time, I’ll fly to be free, unchained from treachery, into my sanity,
Lost in a maze, I’m trapped in a daze,
Ice freezes me in my tracks,
A wayfarer wandering deep in the night,
Gales of wind blinding my sight,
My shoulders are heavy; I’m beat to the core,
The time has come to end this war,
Solo Loncik, Ries
Whirlwind of hate, tear down the gate,
Walls are shaken down by wrath,
The ground has shattered, brimstone and fire,
Rushing up to the sky,
Thunder and lightning silence the night,
This shall be my final fight,
Track Name: Savior
Venom’s running through your veins,
As you’re bolted up in chains,
Outside forces annihilate, how can you bare this fate?
Break free; lift the curse with your might,
Just leave, the darkness for the light,
The time has come, for you to be free,
Just find the way,
Live your life, by the saber,
Do or die, cuz you’re the only savior,
Take your sword with it in hand,
Lay claim to the grandest land,
Lion’s heart is hard to kill, carry on with iron will,
Don’t waive, your time has yet to come,
These days, are lived to chase glory,
Live by the sword, live by the deadliest of blades,
Use it with your life; you shall claim your fate,
Solo Langill, Ries
Track Name: Ancient Scrolls
Seeking the knowledge, of ancient wisdom,
The scrolls can be mine tonight,
I need to abandon this time of my life,
I was told by a stranger, that I was in danger,
And I needed to travel through time,
It’s a departure of galactic kind,
Ancient scrolls, (the seer spoke)
Take these words, with this stone,
Ride alone, you must go,
Solo Loncik, Ries/Langill
Track Name: Time Diamond
I am back I am fighting my way,
A man of wisdom has paved,
Me a road to journey on, to find true freedom,
I won’t let anybody stop me,
A constant force is beckoning me,
With this stone I own the light of the world,
Time diamond X4
There was no way to find the scrolls of time,
Years have passed with nothing of this kind,
Praise the skies for the seer and the jewel of time,
From living in a cycle of lies,
To feeling free with a piece of mind,
This age of darkness has fallen behind,
Solo Ries
Track Name: Power of the World
This is the day I seal my fate from poison minds I escape,
But who are they to say that I am only a slave?
My life’s not in their hands, again I will take a stand,
It’s time I meet the Queen,
It’s time; It is time, no longer shall I wait,
It is time, for me to meet my fate,
Power of the world, can you feel the,
Power of the world, it runs through my veins,
Power of the world, blazing through the sky,
Power of the world, warping space and time,
Sunlight shines off her steel,
Blinding me in this golden field,
Sparks of flame light the skies,
I refuse to be her prize; cold rain begins to fall,
Will I leave this realm at all?
Will this battle be my last on this world?
It is time, the last fight to be free,
It is time, new life for me to lead,
Solo Ries, Loncik
Track Name: Terminal Velocity
Cry out, I touch the sky, find out, the place where I,
Will seek my true destiny,
Ride on, I face my fear, fight now, the path is clear,
My past is now behind me,
The stone summons archaic beams from the sky,
A gleaming red light teleports me, it’s time!
Terminal velocity, the speed takes over me,
Terminal velocity, the diamond has freed me,
This stone is shielding me with a glow of red,
I am alive in a place where I should be dead,
Now surrounded by galaxies so bright,
Frozen in space I find true peace of mind,
I leap into brightness and I am consumed,
Is this path to glory or certain doom?
While gleaming stars light up this universe,
Into this glow is now where I immerse,
Terminal velocity X2
From the meadows and the mountains back home,
I’ve left and it’s been so far that I’ve flown,
My veins pulsate so fast above the clouds,
Storm gales of wind cutting hard through my skin,
Passing through atmosphere, far from the ground,
The light is running out, black closes in,